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Hi there!
tupambae.net as always has it's troubles.

Right now the setup is stuck on the following issue, can somebody please help - have a look?

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can you hear me? escribió:
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27.7% english, 21.8% french, 20.1% spanish
Update to the latest develop-Branch and call the database update via the command line. When you repeat the update command and there are still database actions then repeat them in the mysql console and report the error message here.
37% english, 25% danish, 24.5% french
call the database update via the command line.

How do i do that?
(it's a shared webhosting)
37.1% english, 23.2% italian, 22.6% pidgin
Even shared hosters are often have the option to reach the command line via ssh.
43.8% english, 27.8% swedish, 26.5% danish